Corporate Internal Investigations and Fraud Prevention

Independent investigations to identify and correct internal misconduct.

Litigation Support Investigations

​Finding witnesses, obtaining statements, and analyzing evidence to help win or avoid lawsuits.

You trust.  We verify.

Knowledge is power.  Uncertainty is risk.  To protect yourself, your business, and your loved ones, you need to know the facts.  We can help. Venture Risk Investigations is a full-service private investigation and fraud consulting agency based in New York.  Our mission is simple:  

Find the facts.  Protect our clients. 

Due Diligence Investigations

Intelligence and analysis to avoid business risks. 

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At Venture Risk Investigations, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality investigative, due diligence, competitive intelligence, and fraud consulting services.  We accomplish this by approaching our clients’ cases from a multi-disciplinary and multi-faceted approach, leveraging our investigators' wide range of backgrounds and skill sets to cover every investigative issue that may arise.

Our clients include individuals, corporations, law firms, and government entities.  We provide our clients with the information and tactical support they need to assess risk, protect themselves from liability or threats, and pursue their interests.    Our extensive resources enable us to serve our clients anywhere in the world.

Forensic Investigations & Due Diligence Consulting

Further Information